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Official Mission Statement


CVRTLA is a streetwear company that specializes in trucker hats. We are the underdogs, or the unacknowledged in changing the streetwear scene. Think of us as a covert “cvrt” spy, as our plan is to redefine the streetwear scene, to have others redefine their style.

Differentiate yourself from the masses, our goal is to help others find their sense of style through our trucker hats. Make yourself stand out, add some flare to your outfits. 

We specialize in trucker hats and handcrafted designs using premium materials. Our designs are hand designed and manufactured by our team here in Los Angeles, California. We believe in quality over quantity, which is why we only sell a limited amount of products each month.

We strive to offer our customers affordable luxury at an affordable price point through high quality materials, unique designs and fun colors! We have a strong sense of community here at CVRTLA, so if you're looking for more than just another streetwear brand then look no further than CVRTLA!

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